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Instrument Houses and Cases

TCR’s Instrument Houses and Cases are all welded construction and can be manufactured from a variety of materials such as: Aluminum; 12 GA or 14 GA Hot Rolled Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel or Cor-Ten® steel.

Walls are constructed of interlocking modular sections with all seams sealed. Interior walls are constructed with integrated vertical channels with keyholes for mounting shelves, mounting boards, wire chases, and tag boards.

Base and frame are constructed of heavy angle and/or channel. Angle/channel size, stiffeners and structural members vary depending on size of instrument enclosure.

Doors are provided with a three-point latching system, facilities for locking with a signal screw padlock, screened louvers for ventilation, winter close-off plate, grease able hinges, and a mechanism to hold door open at 90º and/or approximately 170º position(s).

TCR’s instrument enclosures can be furnished in a variety of sizes and door arrangements.

Instrument enclosures are constructed to meet your specifications.

flashing light assembly


Signal Bridges

Designed and built in accordance with industry standards

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railroad signals

Instrument Houses & Cases

Constructed from a variety of materials

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Flasher/Gate Foundations

Light weight for easy handling

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railroad flashers

Industry Compliant


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Railroad gates


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